In Gaza

Dear all,

After 3 days in transit and 9.5 hours on the Egyptian/Rafah border, we are finally in Gaza. For those who I have not told, I am on a legal delegation with 7 other attorneys organized by the National Lawyers Guild. Driving from the Rafah crossing to Gaza City, I saw innumerable bombed out buildings and we passed by the infamous police station which looks like nothing more than scattered bricks and a few pillars. Anyways I will be blogging for the next few days and send out my blogs as soon as I have a chance. I am fine just very very tired. I believe we are going to some hospitals now as we are trying to get as many visits done as possible. I’ll send more info soon.


ps.  Israel has been bombing the tunnels for the past few days. While we were waiting on the border crossing, Israel bombed some nearby tunnel. Even though it made me jump, none of the Palestinians seemed phased…


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