Songs of Protest: A Collection of Songs Written About the Uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia

By Mohammad T.

Over the past couple of weeks, artists worldwide have composed and recorded songs in solidarity with protesters in Egypt. After listening to them all, I thought it might be nice to have a comprehensive list of them in one place. I find many of them quite moving, so I thought I’d throw them up here for those to listen. If you don’t have the time to listen to all of them, make sure to listen to the very first one – featuring a cross section of the protesters themselves.

If you’ve heard any other songs that I’ve missed here, please do comment on this post, and I’ll update it accordingly. Updates:

*First Update* I’ve included a song coming out of Tunisia by a Tunisian hip-hop artist, and a song by an Egyptian rapper.

*Second Update* Amidst the rubble of a fallen dictator, a new song has been recorded by a group of young Egyptians – with contributions by a host of those who were on the streets in Cairo – to celebrate the occasion.

*Third Update – 2/13/2011* Included seven more songs – one from Alexandria, one from famous singer/actor Mohamed Mounir, two more written by Egyptian artists, two by Tunisian artists (including one sung in the middle of protests), one by Sami Yusuf, and the last by Wycleaf Jean in tribute to the protesters. This list is getting to be mildly unwieldy, but semi-comprehensive. Keep them coming.

*Fourth Update – 2/14/2011* Added a new one by artists Mustafa Najjar and Mohamed Abbas.

Here they are:


Sawt al-Hurriya [The Sound of Freedom] – Amir Eid, Hany Adel

Ezzai? [How come?] – Mohamed Mounir

Ehlam Ma’aya [Dream With Me] – Hamza Namira

Bahibak Ya Balaady [I Love You, My Country] – Aziz al-Shafiaey & Ramy Jamal

Shiloo Hosni [Get rid of Hosni] – ? [probably from Alexandria]

‘Ahd al-Shohadaa [The Era of Martyrs] – Mohamed Abbas & Mustafa Najjar

Dhid al-Hakooma [Against the Government] – Ramy Donjewan

#Jan25 – Omar Offendum, The Narcicyst, Freeway, Ayah, Amir Sulaiman

Not Your Prisoner – Arabian Nightz feat. Shadia Mansour

Backdown Mubarak – Master Mimz

Freedom (Song for Egypt) – Wyclef Jean

Rebel – Arabian Nightz (sampling Lauryn Hill)

Egyptian Protesters, during one night of the protests. This is by far the best one.


President, Your People are Dying – El General (Hamada Ben-Amor) – . This is a song written by a Tunisian hip-hop artist during the Tunisian uprisings. This song led to 30 plain-clothes policeman arresting Ben-Amor at his house in early January.

Obbed Elmel – Nabil Khemir

Kalamti Hurra [My Word is Free] – Amel Mathlouthi. Sung during protests in Tunisia. Acoustic studio version also on youtube here.

I Am Your Hope – Sami Yusuf

Viva Revolution – Conscious Minds



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5 responses to “Songs of Protest: A Collection of Songs Written About the Uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia

  1. Hey it’s Master Mimz – from the track ‘Back Down Mubarak’. Great post and great way to show support. let’s stay in touch – please let me know if there’s a way of contacting you by email .

  2. Mohammad T.

    Thank you for commenting! I’m glad you appreciate the post. I thought your song was wonderful when I first heard it, so I thought to put this together.

  3. Excellent collection and with your permission I would like to circulate it.
    Good work and please keep it up.

  4. Mohammad T.

    Please do circulate this, Aleya. All I ask is for a link back to the original post! Thanks for your kind words.

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