On double standards.

It seems this whole NSA surveillance episode has brought out the double standard in all us. I’ve compiled three of my favorites – what are yours?

Consider this headline, from Design & Trend:

Google Thwarts Iranian Phishing Attacks Before Election

Google announced on Thursday that it had detected and thwarted thousands phishing attacks that had been aimed at the email accounts of Iranian users ahead of that country’s June 14th presidential election.

According to an online statement, Google said it had found a “significant jump” in Iran’s overall volume of phishing activity in the past few weeks. With the election only a day away, the search engine giant felt that the attacks were “politically motivated”.

Let me know when Google thwarts American spying attacks. I’ll be waiting.

Here’s another; how deliciously ironic is this?

Where’s Hillary Clinton when you need her?

And, lastly, it’s always great to appreciate the racial side of things, as this column posted recently on Salon shows us:

Suddenly, white people care about privacy incursions

For many, government surveillance has been a regular part of life, especially since 9/11. So, why the outrage now?

In short, I love irony, particularly when it comes and smacks you in the face.


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