In Brief: Still doubt that Egypt didn’t have a reactionary coup?

By Yousef K.B. 

The Egyptian army chief called for country wide protests to come and out and “give me the mandate and order that I confront violence and potential terrorism.” Then Tamarod, the folks who supposedly mobilized the June 30th protests, announced “We call on the Egyptian people to rally in squares on Friday to officially demand the trial of [former President] Mohamed Morsi and support [the] armed forces in its coming war against terrorism,” They have called for a “cleansing” of Egypt.

If you were still pondering about the situation in Egypt, let me put your mind to rest: it was a brilliant and sophisticated coup. It was a counter-rebellion against the January 25th movement that drove out Mubarak. Regardless of opinion on Morsi, these are old Mubarak era elites and the “deep state” taking control once again. This is no revolution, it is a passive revolution, where old elites neutralize and/or co-opt revolutionary leaders and sentiments to retain their control. It is a political reform, that retains the social formation, but with renewed legitimacy and hegemony.

The liberal and leftists supporting this are either intentionally supporting the military and the old elites (making them culpable), or are clue-less as to how politics functions (making them naive).

Are secular, liberal, and “leftists” so diluted by their reactionary itch of the hint of anything smelling like “Islamism” or “Islam” that they’re willing to throw their lot with the likes of the Egyptian military?


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One response to “In Brief: Still doubt that Egypt didn’t have a reactionary coup?

  1. WesternLiberal

    I hate the Muslim Brotherhood and all the religious fundamentalists in the Middle East. I think that democracy is for everybody, except if they have a towel on your head and pray toward Mecca. I am correct because CNN, FOX, NPR, everybody, supports my views!

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