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Irvine 11: Victims of Penal Code Section 403

Below is a brief analysis of the recent Irvine 11 jury verdict and thoughts on moving forward by a Southern California based lawyer from the community. It is a unique angle on the case and provides relevant suggestions as how to orient upcoming campaigns. I hope you take further action upon reading this piece. Please check out the website of the Irvine 11 for further details on their case and things you can do.


I recently finished reading this  piece from Sajid Khan, a public defender in San Jose, who gave his take on the Irvine 11 jury verdict.

I thought the most important sentence of Sajid’s article was this:

However, as much as people are condemning the jury verdict as unjust and a blow to free speech rights, it merely was the jury doing their job: applying the law, as stated, to the facts of the case.

I agree with Sajid.  Despite a great effort by the legal team for the Irvine 11, I had real concerns with the potential outcome of the jury trial.   As I saw it, the jury trial was where the defendants had the weakest shot of winning, specifically because the judge and jury were hamstrung by California Penal Code Section 403 and how it’s been interpreted in California courts. Continue reading


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Irvine 11 and the Suppression of Speech: Explanation of the Charges and the Legal Stakes

On February 8th, 2010 the Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren was invited by different departments in the University of California, Irvine to speak on campus. Students from UCI and other local universities decided to protest the presence of the Ambassador at the university based on the idea that state actors, of states who continue to commit crimes under international law should not be allowed to speak.  They decided to stop him through a civil disobedience with 11 people shouting down the Ambassador.  When asked to leave, they were willingly escorted by campus police.  The UCI administration waged an unprecedented campaign against these students.  Following the disciplinary action handed down by UCI (check out the time-line of events here), the District Attorney of Orange County has filed charges against the 11 students.

What follows below is a description of and a brief legal analysis of the charges being brought up by the Orange County DA.  These are the thoughts of  a Southern California based lawyer from the community.  I believe this is one of the clearest description of the charges, which is why we are reposting it here.  I hope that you take further action after reading this short piece and sign the petition supporting the students, and further actions as outlined by the website of the group advocating on behalf of the students. Continue reading

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