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The idiot’s guide to internet privacy (or 6 must-have tools for all web users)


By Mohammad T.

Recent revelations by Edward Snowden concerning the National Security Agency’s massive surveillance dragnet have put refocused the public’s attention to the privacy pitfalls of casual internet use. Coupled with near daily news stories about internet security systems being compromised, and it’s enough for a lay internet user to be frazzled into submission. Fear not — I decided together a handy guide for folks who want to push back against the war being waged against user’s privacy and anonymity. What you’ll find here is a compilation of tools and services that will help ensure, as much as is currently possibly, a modicum of anonymity and security in a treacherous world of tracking, advertising, data retention, and surveillance. I personally use all of these, and in my humble awesome opinion, they are all, well, awesome.

There’s much more out there to what I’ve listed below, but this will get you started if you’re new to this world. I’ve included a couple links below which you can follow to truly update your nerd-dom if you’d like; otherwise, we’ll start here for now.

Of course, none of this stuff is intended to prevent government surveillance of the type we’ve read about from the NSA — nor could it, as we’ve found out from Lavabit. It will help, however, push back against the massive tracking and surveillance apparatus erected by the private sector that monetizes everyday individuals’ behaviors online.

With that brief introduction, let’s get to it. Continue reading


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